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About Autism Parent Support (AuPS)

If you have Autistic children or you know your friends have one, then some of information on our website might help you to know how to interact with Autism (ASD).
We are creative and think out of the box about finding how to support ASD kids and society by having fun with love and care.

Dear Parents

Image 4 If you want your ASD kids to be unconditionally loved by others, you must teach positive words and a lot of compliments.

A boy in the center is Darian who is diagnosed as ASD when he was about 2.5 years old.

Today, he is 17 years old with perhaps 4 years old brain with repetitive motion and speech.
However, everybody loves him.


Here is the reason why.


He speaks only positive words and sentences.
Despite other adults being sad or arguing, he throws fabulous positive sentences to break the air. Also whenever he meets new people, he throws the fabulous sentences.


What are the secret sentences?


The answer is the compliment that we, the normal people crave for. And Darian says to others repeatedly:


“Olivia (your name), you look beautiful”
“Jhon (your name), you look handsome.”
“Juli (your name), you are beautiful.”
“I like you, Melisa (your name).”
“(your name), you look gorgeous today.”


Also whenever he notices negative feelings in the air, he would say: “Is everything all right?”


Aren’t these all we, the normal people crave to hear every day? Darian can give that to you, all.


And he is learning to sing by repeating great lyrics rather than repeating nonsense!
Here is what you can do to stop the repetitiveness of speech.
Teach great songs; let him/her repeat great lyrics or affirmation.




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